Magnum by Fun Factory

Vintage Reviews | This is a series of reviews I wrote in 2013, lightly edited for publication here.

ffmagnum_01eIs it a dildo, or a work of art? The Magnum is both, with its sleek, statuesque lines and velvety finish. It has a wonderfully semi-realistic shape which, in my opinion, is an improvement on the “real thing.” If your type is firm, long, and on the thicker side, this tall drink of water will leave you feeling very satisfied.

The Magnum can be used for strap-on or solo sex. The base is a unique three-leaf-clover shape with rounded edges, which will hold it firmly in your harness or give you a comfortable handle. It’s made of pure silicone, so it’s safe for your body and can be used anywhere your heart desires.

This dildo is made of a very firm, odorless, flavorless silicone. It has a bit of flexibility, and is not rock-hard, but it is one of the firmer silicone toys I’ve tried — just slightly less firm than the original Feeldoe. I usually like a bit more squish, myself, but Magnum’s firmness does make it an intense g-spot stimulator. It has a sort of velvety surface texture, a little coarser than a lot of other matte-textured silicone toys. This texture can create extra friction if you don’t have lots of lube, but on the other hand, some people like a bit of friction. This velvety finish removes any tendency toward stickiness, so Magnum is easier to keep clean and free of lint than some other toys.

I am a huge fan of the design and shape of this toy. Magnum is like an impressionistic sculpture of a penis. It tapers, swells and curves in all the right places, without the realistic crevices and ridges and such. I prefer toys that don’t look like a body part, so this shape is excellent for me. The size, unfortunately, is a bit too much for me. I know others will love the size, though! I’d call it a slightly-larger-than-average size.

My Magnum has a thick base with rounded edges which gives it a total length of 7.75″. The insertable portion of that length is approximately 6.75″ to 7″. The thickest part of it, around the stylized coronal ridge, is just over 4.75″ in circumference, which is nearly 1.6″ in diameter; the shaft measures 4.5″ around, or almost 1.5″ across its width. The base measures 3″ wide, straight across from the center of any of the three lobes.

Magnum performs very well in a harness, its firm base and shaft giving a good level of control to the person wielding it. One nice feature is its concave base with rounded edges, which adds comfort and stimulation for the wearer. (The product page photos of the solid colors show a flat base with crisp edges, so the concave/rounded base may only be on the other colors, such as the black/white marble.) The clover-shaped base also makes it easier to grasp for those times when you want to play alone, or use it on a partner sans harness. As noted above, I needed lots of lube with this toy–partly due to its size, and partly due to the velvety texture–and had to stop and reapply now and then.

Magnum, like other silicone dildos, can be sterilized in your dishwasher or in boiling water, or even with bleach. You can also just wash it with soap and water for light cleaning. It is not tacky-feeling, so it will not attract lint like slick-textured toys tend to do. It can be stored wherever you keep your toys: in your nightstand, your underwear drawer, or in a pretty toy chest. It is compatible with any lube except possibly silicone-based lube, as some silicone toys can be broken down by some silicone lubes. I recommend a water-based lube, but you can do a spot test on a small area on the bottom of the base if you really want to use silicone lube.

Magnum came in an attractively simple gray and clear-plastic box, which would be fine for gift-giving as long as you wrap it. It’s not subtle at all on its own, as the dildo is plainly shown through the plastic windows. It’s okay for storage, but not great.

My experience with the Magnum was very intense. A little too intense for me, I’m sad to say. This toy is just so attractive and well-shaped, I really wanted to love it, and tried to do so a number of times. But I’m afraid I’m just designed for smaller, gentler toys. If a slightly smaller version of this toy with the same shape and color came in VixSkin dual-density silicone, it would be my ultimate perfect toy. However, if you’re not as small and sensitive as I am, it’s likely that you will really enjoy Magnum. It looks pretty damn impressive on the wearer, as well! It can be hard to find a dildo as aesthetically pleasing as this one.

This toy is still a lot for me to handle, even when I’m thoroughly warmed up. I believe this is mainly due to the length and firmness of the toy: the length because I apparently have a rather short vaginal canal, and the firmness because it causes the Magnum to feel thicker than it actually is, much like the effect you’ll find with glass or steel sex toys. Magnum doesn’t see a lot of use around here, but it sure is pretty. I have ended up giving mine away to a good friend — after sterilizing, of course.

Note (2/16/2017): I’m now a lot more familiar with ways to warm up my vagina and its muscles for larger-toy use, and I deeply regret having given away my Magnum in this beautiful, now-discontinued marble color. I’m hoping Fun Factory will make it again someday.

I purchased the Magnum myself at full price, and these are my unfiltered and uncensored thoughts on it.


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