Raquel by Vixen Creations

Vintage Reviews | This is a series of reviews I wrote in 2013, lightly edited for publication here.

vvr1seWhat an elegant dildo.

The Raquel is long and slender, but with a larger, curvier tip. It’s flexible, but can stand up for itself when needed. It can be used for handheld vaginal or anal penetration, but the large, sturdy base makes it an excellent candidate for harness use as well, and the average shaft diameter means it will fit most harnesses. What’s more, the base doubles as a strong suction cup — I tested it on the shower tile — for hands-free solo use.

The Raquel comes in a luminous strawberries-and-cream shade with a subtle lavender shimmer. Pink is one of my least-favorite colors, and I do wish Vixen Creations would make this toy in an aqua or spring green or violet, but even I have to admit that this is a really pretty shade of pink. The smooth surface creates friction to the touch when clean and dry, but feels like wet silk when lubricated. The vibrant pink shaft is topped off with a thick, rounded layer of the very squishy VixSkin silicone — squeeze it and you’ll feel the end of the firm core about an inch down from the tip. The mid-section of the shaft has about twice as much of the softer silicone on its underside as it does on the upper side, and then the thickness of the squishy layer evens out toward the base. The shaft is flexible enough to be fairly easily bent all the way into a U-shape, with the tip touching the base, but firm enough to stand horizontally when held up by just the base.

The base is made of a very firm silicone in a pearly, translucent ivory color — presumably the same stuff as the core of the shaft. A small rectangle containing the word “VIXEN” is embossed on one side. The underside features a circular concavity which creates the suction-cup effect, and is embossed with the full Vixen Creations logo inside its curve.

After bathing it in a fragrance-free soap and allowing it to air-dry, it has no scent or flavor.

The Stats
The Raquel I received measures exactly 8″ tall from bottom of base to tip. Measured from the spot where the shaft meets the base, it has an insertable length of 7.25″ — leaving about 7″ if a harness ring is added. The widest diameter, at the center of the rounded tip, is 1 5/8″ (4.75″ circumference), while the slimmest diameter, just under that tip, is a mere 1.25″ (4″ circumference). This gradually increases to almost 1.5″ (4.5″ circumference) near the base. The base itself is slightly oval-shaped, measuring 3 3/8″ from “top” to “bottom”, and 3″ from side to side.

This toy is made of the near-magical VixSkin “dual-density” silicone from Vixen Creations. Although its surface may feel somewhat similar to “cyberskin” or “jellee” materials, it is 100% non-porous silicone, with all the corresponding benefits. These include the ability to sterilize by: boiling for 5 minutes (making sure not to let it touch the bottom of the pan and burn the soft skin); washing in the top rack of your dishwasher, minus soap; soaking in a 10% bleach/water solution for about 10 minutes, then rinsing thoroughly; or rubbing down with isopropyl alcohol. Silicone will not give bacteria anywhere to hide, nor will it emit any harmful chemicals, such as phthalates, which could be absorbed by your body. It may not play well with silicone lubricants, though, so I recommend a water-based one like most of Sliquid’s line for keeping things slippery.

The Packaging
This dildo arrives in a simple cylinder of clear plastic with a black cap on each end. The front is decorated with an oval decal reading “VixSkin” in large curly letters, and “Worth Every Inch” in small letters beneath. On the back is a large rectangular decal with the brand logo and product information, including care instructions. It would make a nice gift box, providing the recipient won’t be opening it in front of a crowd. It’s also good for storing your valuable toy upright, if you don’t already have a toy storage chest or cabinet.

The Possibilities
Being a longer dildo with a large base, the Raquel can be used by almost anyone who enjoys penetration, for almost any typical dildo purpose. Someone who wants to hold the base and fuck oneself vaginally? Check. Someone who wants anal play without the risk of a trip to the ER? Check. A couple who wants a longer strap-on toy to facilitate more positions? Check. A hetero couple who wants a long, flexible pegging toy? Check. Anyone who wants a suction-cup toy for hands-free solo adventures? Check. It can be used in the shower, the bed, the kitchen, the tent, the play party… Just sterilize between partners, and enjoy to your heart’s (or vagina’s, or ass’) content.

My Experience: Harness
This dildo is VERY long for me, and very thick at the tip. For the first use, I spent a long time with all of my smaller toys, preparing for it. I used a basic clit-vibe and some dirty thoughts, then my Sedeux Please, then my VixSkin Spur, then my Love Rider G-Kiss (at which point I had my very first solo vaginal orgasm, by the way!). Only after all of that did I wake my sleeping partner and ask her to gear up with the Raquel, so I could experience it for the first time.

I laid back and focused on relaxing, and there was only a little pain with the penetration of the thick-yet-soft tip. It felt quite lovely inside me, but when my partner began to thrust, it quickly became too intense. Only very shallow thrusts would work for me.

So, I had the brilliant idea of changing positions, and bending over the bed to enjoy it from behind — my Spur is a bit short for such things. I asked my partner to give the Raquel a 180-degree turn so that the curved tip would remain aimed at my G-spot. It’s so long and flexible that we were able to execute this position-switch without disengaging. In fact, in the midst of the switch — after I was turned around with my back to my partner — I realized the room felt too warm, and we both walked, albeit somewhat awkwardly, down the hall to the thermostat and back, STILL without disengaging. (There were lots of giggles during this maneuver, as you might imagine.)

Well, when we arrived back at the bed and began the attempt at sex from behind, the position decreased the toy’s effective length —yay! But it also increased its effective girth, as those types of positions tend to narrow my vaginal entrance and create more friction.

We tried a few variations on this from-behind theme, then went to a different position, one of our favorites: me lying on my back with my hips at the edge of the bed, her standing in front of me with my legs around her waist, or sometimes with my ankles on her shoulders. With her thrusting gently but quickly, I had another vaginal orgasm this way. The Raquel is VERY intense for me, in case I forgot to mention that. After this, I wasn’t able to handle it anymore, so my partner and I moved on to other things.

I’ve discovered a couple of products that can be used to shorten the Raquel for harness use: the SpareParts O-Stabilizer Ring in the Large size is inexpensive and can be stacked to decrease the length as much or as little as you wish. Each ring is about .5″ thick.

My Experience: Solo
Since then, I’ve used it mostly for masturbation purposes.

For my first time using it this way, I took it into the bath with me for a relaxing sex-toy experimentation session, in preparation for some serious studying. Orgasms and caffeine seem to get my brain going.

I warmed up for the Raquel by using a small waterproof bullet vibe on my clit, as well as several smaller dildos. I was determined to find a way to eliminate that slight pain I’d felt upon insertion the first time. Once I felt pretty revved up and lubricated, I relaxed and slo-o-o-owly began to push the Raquel into my vaginal entrance. I breathed deeply, consciously relaxing my PC muscles, using steady, gentle pressure on Raquel’s base. Finally, the “head” was all the way past those muscles and nestled cushily up against my G-spot. No pain! Yes!

I did some gentle, quick thrusting, using only about half the length, with the bullet vibe on low speed teasing my clitoral area. It wasn’t long before I just let the Raquel remain on my G-spot while I pressed the vibe against my clit and hung on for dear life! That was definitely one of the longer and more powerful orgasms I’ve given myself, and that wonderful VixSkin layer caused no discomfort to my tightly clenching muscles; rather, it felt heavenly.

Although Raquel requires a good amount of warm-up for me to use, it’s worth it for the fabulous texture and shape. My favorite way to use it is to thrust it vaginally for awhile, enjoying its stimulation of my vaginal entrance and g-spot area, then leave it in place while I use a clit vibe to bring myself to orgasm; the squishiness and the enlarged tip make it really enjoyable for my PC muscles to squeeze, and it adds to the intensity of the orgasm. This toy is 100% body-safe and sterilizable, and with a little care it will last a lifetime, at minimum. You can buy it directly from Vixen Creations, or from SheVibe, one of my favorite retailers.

I purchased the Raquel myself at full price, and these are my unfiltered and uncensored thoughts on it.


Your thoughts?

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