Rebel by Fuze

Fuze Rebel, fresh from a shower. Because lint.

Okay. So. WHY has no one thought of this before?

The teardrop-shaped Fuze base is not just harness-compatible. It is contoured and angled to fit the wearer’s vulva. It has rounded ridges for clitoral stimulation. These things are great. These things alone would have made me — and my partner — really enjoy this dildo.

But they didn’t stop there. They added a pocket for a bullet-vibe in THE BEST SPOT EVER. The vibe slides up into the underside of the dildo, just in front of and PARALLEL to the angled base.

This means it does not poke the wearer in the genitals, like dildos with the vibe slot inHVFuze_Rebel_05es the center of the base. It does not jab the receiver in the clitoris, like rings with bullet-vibes on top. It doesn’t get in the way of anything, but it DOES cause vibrations to easily transfer all across the base for the wearer, and up through the shaft for the receiver. Then, when fully inside the receiver, the vibrating base presses against BOTH people’s clits (assuming they both have clits).

I mean. That was some amazing sex we had last night. Quite honestly, it was the hottest, most intimate sex we’d had in months.

Granted, part of that was because I had been tired and stressed for the prior four months due to a 5-course spring semester. But still. STILL.

The vibe pocket will hold my Tantus bullet, and it stays in fine though the fit is not snug. It also stretches a little to hold the Maia MB1 or the Metal Worx Waterproof Vibe1. I have no doubt it can handle the We-Vibe Tango or the Lelo Mia 2.

HVFuze_Rebel_06esWe used the Rebel in the RodeoH Boxer harness, in which it was easy to insert and held up well. My partner wore it with the inner fabric panel between her body and the toy’s base, and she still received plenty of stimulation.

In addition to the awesomeness of that base design, the Rebel has a gentle upward curve and three gentle swells evenly spaced along its length, beginning with the tip. The bluntly rounded tip meant that I needed to warm up a bit for it, even though it’s only 4″ around at the thickest spot, or slightly over 1.25″ in diameter. The changes in diameter don’t look like much, but the one at the tip is lovely on my g-spot, and the central one did very nice things to my vaginal entrance during thrusting. I used it on myself the next day, and enjoyed the shaft just as much, though I prefer something softer for my PC muscles to squeeze around during orgasm.

The insertable shaft is about 5.5″, measured along the top. This was a bit more than I could handle at first — small-toy lover here — but I slowly was able to accept more bit by bit until the base was pressing against my clit through the cotton of the RodeoH. Which only made everything even better.

The surface texture is what they term “velvet,” a very fine matte texture. It’s far smoother than Fun Factory’s silicone finish, but still has a bit of drag. I need a moderate amount of lube with it, but I think it adds to the tingly vaginal-entrance sensations created by the shaft’s central swell. The toy does grab all of the lint out of the air, but I think that has more to do with its propensity for static electricity — as all silicone toys seem to have to some extent — than it does with the surface texture.

As you can see, its color is much darker than it appears in Fuze’s product images. It looks a little darker to me in person than in my own photos, even. For me, this is a plus. I also like its subtle pearly sheen.

The PERFECT angle.

To top it all off, this dildo is made of Fuze’s new material, “Fuze Ten.” This is a softer, slightly squishy, rather stretchy and quite flexible silicone – much firmer than VixSkin, but noticeably softer than Tantus’ standard silicone. It was one of the reasons I chose to buy the Rebel, and I am very pleased with the way it feels.

There was just one small thing I was not super-pleased about. The Rebel has a scent. It’s not a strong scent, and it’s not a terrible scent. I only smell it when my nose is about an inch away from the toy, and it smells mildly rubbery/plastic-y. It’s nothing like the smell of phthalate-ridden PVC in the morning, truly. I’ve read that some silicone formulations do have a subtle scent, but I emailed the Canadian company — a spin-off of Happy Valley — to ask if they could explain the smell and assure me of its genuine-silicone status.

I received a reply within an hour of sending my message. (Did I catch someone at just the right moment? Did they have a form email already on hand for just this situation?) The response was informative, but also struck me as a bit dismissive.

The good, informative bits:

“[A]ll Fuze toys are produced from pure medical grade silicone ( if you would like to look it up the technical classification is Grade VI), with nothing added except 2% of FDA approved pigment. All of our silicone is tested to be non porous, hypoallergenic and safe for intimate body contact for an extended time. We use the same materials and procedures as fully registered medical devices. … We use an alternative method to create a softer silicone, by using a specially developed catalyst, allowing us to maintain pure Grade VI silicone.”

I wish he’d told me WHAT the catalyst is, but I suppose it could be a trade secret.  EDIT: I have now been assured that Fuze does use a platinum-based catalyst.

He went on to say that “a very small percentage of the population, who can be regarded as hyper-tasters, still notice the aroma in the cured silicone.”

I think I need to go test it again.

My partner can smell a slight scent, but it smells more floral to her. My close friend said essentially the same thing — “perfume-y.” So, yeah, I probably am one of these magical hyper-tasters2 (also known as super tasters — hey, I have a super-power!). But you know, that’s my experience. Learning that most others can’t smell it won’t make me stop smelling what I smell.

That said! I do absolutely adore this dildo. My partner is a big fan as well. At under $60, I think it’s a great value for a body-safe, sterilizable silicone sex toy with a variety of potential uses.

I HIGHLY recommend any toy with the Fuze base design for strap-on sex. Because while my partner really enjoys fucking me that way and gets very aroused by my arousal, it’s extremely rare that she has orgasms along with me during harness sex. The Fuze Rebel did that for us.

And I am telling you, it was INTENSE. Foreheads-pressed-together, clutching-each-other-tightly, hips-grinding-hard intense.

The Rebel will be part of our Frequently Used Dildos (FUDs) collection.

UPDATE: I want to give the folks at Fuze credit for having a great customer-oriented attitude. Their rep wrote, “I am always happier reading an honest opinion of what people liked and disliked, rather than just a simple rave review that sounds a bit like advertising. This is the only way to learn to make better toys.”

I’ll toast to that!

1: I cannot support or recommend Pipedream, the makers of Metal Worx, due to their racist and misogynist products, as well as their poor quality and deceptive labeling.

2: According to several sources, hyper-tasters actually constitute about 35% of women and only 15% of men. This is not a “very small percentage of the population.” Perhaps this is also why no one at the Fuze offices could smell the scent – they need more women?

8 thoughts on “Rebel by Fuze

  1. Male pegging enthusiast here. I am trying to find options for my girlfriend. She really enjoys being in a dominant role with me, especially with anal play. I want her to be able to orgasm when using a strapon, not many products exist on the market that do that though. I want to try the Fun Factory Share dildo. It looks promising, but I also want to try these Fuze dildos. Did your partner find it easy to get off using this dildo, were the ridges enough? Also did she find the angle of the dildo awkward when it was low enough to stimulate her.


    1. The Fun Factory Share may be a great choice if your girlfriend wants g-spot stimulation during pegging – just make sure the sizes of the ends will be pleasurable for each of you. My partner does orgasm quite easily with the Fuze Rebel; largely because the insertion angle of the bullet-vibe makes the entire length of the base vibrate, but also because of the angled and curved shape of the base which fits against her vulva well, and because of the rounded ridges. Fuze also makes a double-ended, wearable dildo called the Tango, which you two might like: And if you don’t mind more realistic penis-shaped dildos, Vixen Creations has a newer version of their popular VixSkin Mustang out with a base designed to stimulate the wearer, called the Mustang Royale: It all depends on what types of stimulation work best for her. I hope this helps!


  2. I can’t smell a thing from my Fuze Wilde, but it is made from the classic harder silicone rather than the new Fuze 10.

    There are a couple of things to keep in mind when thinking about silicone and odors. First, platinum silicones are only nonporous on the scale of bacteria and viruses. On the scale of the small molecules responsible for odors, silicone is most definitely porous. These molecules will readily diffuse into silicone items if placed in direct contact, resulting in the silicone temporarily retaining a smell. Unlike plastisizers in PVC, the chremical responsible will eventually diffuse back out returning silicone to an odor free state. This is also true of latex (thus the unpleasant potential for transmission of odors through condoms into silicone anal toys during troublesome code brown environmental conditions. Same for pretty much any other flexible “nonporous” material. Glass and metal are not susceptible.

    The only other time I have encountered a smell from new silicone toy (twice, same company, rhymes with ‘fox talls”) is when a petroleum based mold release was used for the casting but someone got excited and bagged up the toy before washing it off. The standard washing of new toys with dish soap and hot water eliminates the mold release and its odor.


    1. Thank you for this excellent information! I wish the Fuze folks could have responded in such a clear and factual way.

      Now I will be stuck trying to figure out what company’s name rhymes with “fox talls” (or is that meant to be “fox tails”?)…


  3. “And I am telling you, it was INTENSE. Foreheads-pressed-together, clutching-each-other-tightly, hips-grinding-hard intense.”

    *sigh* Sounds so amazing! I need to get a partner and try one of these. I loooved the idea of it and I’m thrilled to hear it really (really!) works well in practice! And the bullet hole is genius, oh my gosh! I hadn’t totally given that a ton of thought but when you laid it out there like that YES! Other companies need to get on that!


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