I have a super-power

In which I discuss the scent of Fuze Ten

I recently bought the Rebel by Fuze from SheVibe, which is made of their softer silicone formulation, Fuze Ten. To my nose, it has a light smell. Not a terrible smell, but I’m used to scent-free silicone toys. So, I emailed Fuze to ask about the material and what could be causing the smell.

The response I got came quickly and was very polite, but I’m ambivalent about it.

The good, informative bit:

“[A]ll Fuze toys are produced from pure medical grade silicone ( if you would like to look it up the technical classification is Grade VI), with nothing added except 2% of FDA approved pigment. All of our silicone is tested to be non porous, hypoallergenic and safe for intimate body contact for an extended time. We use the same materials and procedures as fully registered medical devices.”

The less-good bit which seems to unnecessarily denigrate VixSkin and/or Tantus O2:

“Some other companies use a diluent, di-methyl siloxane, as a filler to produce a very soft silicone. This is a perfectly safe liquid form of silicone that prevents cross bonding between the long chain silicone molecules, and so producing a softer, but weaker finished product. Whilst there is nothing wrong with using di-methyl siloxane fluid, over time it leads to shrinkage and warping of the toy, especially in ‘double density’ toys. To the best of my knowledge it cannot be medically graded.”

More good informative-ness (though I wish he’d told me WHAT the catalyst is, but I suppose it could be a trade secret):

“We use an alternative method to create a softer silicone, by using a specially developed catalyst, allowing us to maintain pure Grade VI silicone.”

And the bit where my experience seems to be subtly dismissed because it’s apparently uncommon:

“The catalyst does have a slight aroma before it is used, but this goes away once it is added to the silicone base. However, there is a very small percentage of the population2, who can be regarded as hyper-tasters, who still notice the aroma in the cured silicone. Out of the many thousands of toys we have sold, we have only ever had two other people complain about this issue. Even for hyper-tasters, the aroma or taste usually dissipate after a while. Although this is based on only two people, so it is possible you might be more sensitive over the long term.”

Now, I think it’s pretty common knowledge that only a small percentage of those who experience an issue with a product ever let the company know about it. Also, whether it’s a small or large percentage of people who can detect an odor with Fuze Ten, it doesn’t change my experience or that of others who can smell it.

I would have liked it a lot more if the rep had simply told me that most people don’t seem to notice a scent, but a few do, and that I could be assured that it wouldn’t affect the safety or durability of my dildo and would likely dissipate over time.

In a follow-up email, he wrote:

“After you comments about the aroma we retested our retained samples from every batch of Fuze Ten silicone we have ever used. None of the people here noticed either a smell or a taste. I honestly believe both you and your partner are more sensitive than the general population.”

I googled “hyper-tasters” and got some very different info. According to several sources, hyper-tasters actually constitute about 35% of women and only 15% of men. This is not a “very small percentage of the population.” Perhaps this is also why no one at the Fuze offices could smell the scent – they need more women!

Now, comment and tell me whether YOU can smell the fragrance of Fuze Ten.


3 thoughts on “I have a super-power

  1. Interesting. I don’t own anything at all by Fuze yet but I’m very interested in their products and was thinking about buying one of their plugs (if I was currently partnered I’d love to try their dildos! That extra stimulation for the wearer looks interesting). Anyway, glad I saw this though and I will try and remember to pop back should I buy one. Because I can almost guarantee if you smelt something I will too. It used to be a joke and source of amusement around my family growing up what an insanely string sense of smell I had. I could be all the way across the house, on a different floor and through several closed doors and catch a whiff of what someone was cooking and instantly know what it was (so I’d magically appear for cookies or my favorite meals or complain terribly about things like bacon and the way the strong nasty scent lingered for days!). So yep, I can tell you without owning their toys I have no doubt if you smell something, I’d smell it too.


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