Stuff I collect

00_Dildo-Bath_20150610_01eThings I love enough to own far more than I will ever actually need – or that I own despite the fact that I don’t need them at all:

  • Dildos (duh)
  • Books (largely fiction; a favorite series is Kushiel’s Legacy, which combines adventure, intrigue, fantasy, and BDSM in a historical setting)
  • Vintage Victoria’s Secret silk loungewear (mostly chemises, but a few kimono robes, cami/short sets, and gowns)
  • Earrings (especially now that my hair is short)
  • Bra/panty sets (as a former Victoria’s Secret employee, I collected way too many)
  • Vintage She-Ra action figures (had them as a kid, had to complete the set as an adult)
  • Costume paraphernalia (Halloween is so much fun)
  • White House Black Market dresses (they fit my curves so well and manage to look classy, fashionable, and sexy)
  • Glassware sets (why are they so pretty??)

Please comment if you desire photos of any of the above. I may oblige you.


One thought on “Stuff I collect

  1. Books and dildos are two of the best things in life! Lingerie and pretty dresses too. I’ve only been to White House Black Market once or twice but remember being surprised at how well their clothes fit my curves too. I’m very short and small framed but also very busty so that’s hard to achieve. I think I need to go back there next time I need a new cute dress. 😉

    And oh, I get the Glassware thing. Crate & Barrel and their open stock glasses… So pretty. I used to pick up 2-4 of different styles that caught my eye. Haha. And Pottery Barn outlet ceramics. Pretties!


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