Spur by Vixen Creations

VVSC_02eI must begin by saying that I am not a fan of realistic-looking dildos.

It isn’t just because I’m a gay woman. Nor is it because I considered myself heterosexual for the first 25-ish years of my life. It’s mainly because, to me, an object that closely resembles a dismembered body part is just, well, a bit odd. Especially when there are so many other shape and color options in which one can make dildos.

However, I am an enormous fan of VixSkin, a dual-density silicone combination made by Vixen Creations. Most of the dildos made out of this material are quite penis-resembling in shape and color and feel. But I am such a fan of VixSkin that I can (mostly) forgive these dildos their transgressions against my aesthetic preferences.VVSC_03e

My partner and I purchased the Spur near the beginning of our relationship in 2011. We needed a body-safe, harness-compatible toy with which she could fuck me. She owned a lovely white Tantus G-Spot, but it was just too big and intense for me. I owned the Fun Factory Magnum, and it was beautiful in shape and color (black with white marbling), but also a bit too large, hard and friction-y. Being on the smaller and more sensitive side, I wanted something not too big and not too firm, so when we decided on VixSkin, we agonized over choosing between the Spur, the Mustang, and the Tex. The Spur won out as the one that seemed like it would be the most comfortable for me, while also having a nice curve that would feel good on my g-spot.

It was, and still is, a great choice. If you somehow don’t know about VixSkin yet, you really should. It’s a line of 100% silicone dildos which have a firm base and core with a layer of soft, squishy silicone over the shaft and making up most of the tip. It is VVSC_06eGLORIOUS, I tell you. It’s a bit tacky to the touch when clean and dry, yes, but marvelously silky when lubed (with water-based lube only – silicone lube may react with the soft outer layer and cause damage). As you may have noticed, each realistically-shaped toy in this series has an adorably Western-themed name. If you like the feel of jelly, TPR/TPE, or “cyberskin” toys but don’t like the fact that they are porous and/or outright toxic, then VixSkin is the stuff for you.

Like other pure silicone dildos, the Spur is sterilizable via boiling, alcohol, and other standard methods. It will not harbor bacteria like porous materials do, nor will it emit harmful chemicals into your body.

We chose the Caramel color, since there are only the three skin tones to choose from (the others are Vanilla and Chocolate – thumbs up on the non-racist color names, Vixen!) and my partner has Southeast Asian ancestry. The caramel is a pretty close approximation of her skin color, which might be helpful knowledge for those seeking a skintone match.

VVSC_05eThe Spur is the VixSkin version of Vixen’s single-density “Small Realistic Bent” dildo. It’s the smallest VixSkin toy in both length and girth — just 4.75 insertable inches, a 3.5-inch circumference and a 1.125-inch (1 1/8″) diameter. But in this case, it’s true that size isn’t everything.  The things I love best about the Spur are the squishable outer layer, the curved shaft which provides gentle g-spot stimulation, and its versatility, as we can use it for vaginal masturbation or harness sex, or as a warm-up for larger toys, OR as an anal toy. It’s even small enough for me to use on her, although it’s at the large end of her size range.

The 3-inch-wide, half-inch-thick base is particularly good for strap-on use. I’ve VVSC_07eowned this toy for four years now, and for about the first two years it was the only toy I wanted my partner to use on me. I’ve branched out a bit more since then, but the Spur is still my go-to when I want to warm up for something a little larger, or when I’m just feeling more sensitive than usual. Its shape and size are very good for me in most positions, and with the right angle and some fast thrusting, my partner can usually give me multiple orgasms with it.

Having had my Spur for several years, I can confirm that the base has become slightly convex. This is the only change I’ve noticed in the toy, though, despite sometimes being stored with other, single-density silicone toys. It will still stand on its own, and the convexity hasn’t affected its performance.

I feel very confident in heartily recommending the Spur to pretty much everyone who wants some form of penetration. It’s a bit more expensive than some other, similarly sized dildos, but it’s well worth the investment. You can get it from SheVibe for $68, or directly from Vixen Creations for $80.

I purchased the Spur myself at full price, and these are my unfiltered and uncensored thoughts on it.


5 thoughts on “Spur by Vixen Creations

  1. I really, really wish Vixen offered more in the nonrealistic end of things in VixSkin. Even just more nonrealistic colors. I just got the Tiebright Mustang and good gosh I love it. Best dildo I’ve ever used but at first blush, I was still a bit offput by the realistic details. Then I tried it and loved it so dang much and I’d love to buy others but eh… I just don’t want skin tone. I really, really don’t. It’s an all out turn off for a multitude of reasons and yet gosh it feels so good I’m half tempted to “get over it” and deal with it. Yet for the price I should have options.

    I also find it a tiny bit problematic that they offer the Raquel that’s smaller than Mustang and then the Mustang in it’s nonrealistic color choices. What’s with the assumption that people who don’t want realism also don’t want larger dildos? I tend to prefer 1.5in or smaller but was mindblowing by how easy to insert the Mustang was. I’d love to try a slightly bigger Vixskin option but eh… Not sure if I ever will. Luckily I’m thrilled by Mustang but I’m so thrilled I’d love to have more options, you know? And while I’m not getting into my reasons for my aversion to realism, the main one is pretty strong. So ugh… Still I can’t totally fault them when their product is flipping amazing!


    1. I would say the Raquel, at it’s thickest point, is at least as big around as the Mustang, although the Raquel’s shaft is slimmer. But I fully agree that it would be wonderful if Vixen Creations brought back some of their nonrealistic shapes and colors, or created new ones. I managed to obtain an Orbit last year, which is somewhat like a shorter, turquoise Raquel with a serious g-spot tip, and I adore it. They made an orange spirally one called Soft Serve that looks delightful, but I’ve had no luck in finding one of those.


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