Key Aries by Jopen

CE_Jopen_Key Aries_02ecI had low expectations for the Aries based on its size, but also high hopes for it based on its shape.

The reality falls somewhere in the middle.

Yes, as a small vibrator, it’s decidedly buzzy — though not the MOST buzzy I’ve ever felt. A given vibrator’s position on the buzzy-to-rumbly scale seems to be determined mainly by the size of the spinning weight inside it, so it’s very unusual to find a bullet-sized vibe that ISN’T firmly on the buzzy end of the spectrum. Since most of the space inside the Aries is taken up by the single AAA battery, there isn’t much room left for the motor and spinning weight.

The vibrations are also on the weaker, or gentler, side. There is only one speed — which I’d call medium, but you might call low-medium — along with four patterned settings. I actually enjoy several of the patterns, which isn’t too common for me.

Although my general preference is for more rumbly vibrations and lots of speed settings, I still like the Aries.

I know, I know — you think I’m sugarcoating its flaws. But read on.

I like its soft, buttery-textured silicone sleeve. I like the beautiful color combination I received — matte turquoise silicone over a shiny, deep-teal ABS plastic bullet, with a metallic silver power/function button. I like the simplicity of the controls: one click powers on to steady vibration, successive clicks cycle through the patterns, and holding down for about one second powers off. I like that it’s waterproof and made of non-toxic, sterilizable materials. And I especially like the little flange that fits comfortably between my fingers.

My hope for this vibe was that I could use it to enhance the sensation for my partner when I’m stroking her clit with my CE_Jopen_Key Aries_01ecfingers. I planned to do this by placing the vibe on top of my fingers rather than beneath them, thus making my fingers vibrate. Because the vibe is not very powerful and also not rumbly, the vibrations don’t transfer to my fingers very well. However, it DOES add to the experience for her a bit, with just a light tingle coming through.

For me, being very physically sensitive, using the Aries atop my fingers is absolute heaven on my nipples. I often can’t handle having my nipples touched directly, but need at least a layer of thin fabric between them and whatever is touching them. Nipple stimulation is very arousing for me, though, when it isn’t overwhelming. A little Sliquid water-based gel lube (or a thin T-shirt) and the Aries making my fingers vibrate ever-so-gently feels fantastic on them. For this reason alone, I’m very happy with this vibe.

But for those of you who aren’t super-sensitive and thus don’t have a use for a weaker, buzzier vibrator, the Aries may still have something for you. Especially if you experience any joint pain or fatigue from holding a more traditionally shaped vibe. Because you can remove the little teal vibrator that comes with it, and insert a more powerful bullet-style vibe — such as the Mia 2 or the Tango — for use with that awesome between-the-fingers flange. And then you can use it to make your fingers vibrate, or simply as a more comfortable way to keep that vibe pressed just where you want it.

At about $25 via SheVibe, the Aries is indeed worth purchasing, even just for its sleeve.

My thanks to SheVibe for sending me the Aries in exchange for my unfiltered and uncensored written thoughts.



5 thoughts on “Key Aries by Jopen

  1. Ooh I’m intrigued by the sleeve/ flange thingy and thrilled that it’s removable. I’ve got pretty substantial disabilities and major arm weakness and joint issues. I want to love my WeVibe Tango but holding it causes me such severe joint pain. This might help indeed. My fingers will still ache though, I just can tell (struggle to get off by hand anymore though it’s still probably my favorite feeling, because my fingers cramp) but that’s preferable to the severe carpal tunnel like wrist pain so hmm… I will have to keep that in mind. The idea at least rather brilliant, so would be interesting to see.


  2. I love the colour! Beautiful overall design, though I can tell that the vibe itself wouldn’t be anywhere able to get me off.

    Also, Jopen has impressively lovely silicone. I have the Comet II and the Key Charms Lace and they’re soooooo soft and smooth and velvety.


    1. Yes, even as sensitive as I am, I find it difficult to orgasm with this vibe unless it’s been awhile. But I love the texture of the silicone — it’s surprisingly better than Lelo’s!


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