G-Spot (Small) by BS Atelier

bsatelier_gspotellablue_01e I’d been interested in trying this silicone dildo for at least a year or two, but was concerned that the shape would be too extreme for my ultra-sensitive vagina. Because of this doubt, each time I had the room in my budget for something new, I always purchased some other toy. I now know that was a mistake.

When a delightful Twitter chat with a BS Atelier rep resulted in an offer of products for review, the G-Spot in their Small size was one of the three shapes in which I expressed interest. Their rep told me they’d send something out to me, but it could take some time because, oh, they make each toy to order. How cool is that?

Despite this disclaimer, it was only about a week later that a box from Spain appeared at my door containing all three of my choices, and in my top color picks too. The G-Spot I received is a saturated summer-sky blue with diagonal stripes of coral-pink and spring green near the base, a color scheme BS calls “Ella Blue.” I’m not a big fan of pink, and will always choose a color other than pink when given a choice, but this blue is attractive enough that I can forgive that pink stripe. And the stripes do add a playful appearance, which is an attribute I always appreciate in a sex toy.

bsatelier_gspotellablue_03eI’ve owned BS Atelier’s Kokoa Small dildo in the Pride Rainbow edition for over a year, so I knew I liked their silicone formulation – not to mention their inclusivity. Like the Kokoa, the G-Spot has a slightly matte, grippy surface texture and is fairly firm and dense, but still flexible and a bit squeezable. There are a few small imperfections in the smooth surface from the handmade molds, but they’re hard to see and don’t affect the toy’s performance – I can’t feel them at all with my vagina. It’s a weighty dildo for its size, with a thick, sturdy base which is great as a fulcrum during self-fucking or for providing stability and control in a harness.

Now, the first thing I think of when I see this type of shape is the Ella dildo made by Lelo. I don’t own that one, but I do own their Gigi 2 vibrator, which has the same g-spotting shape as the Ella. For me, the Gigi is painful to use internally, because its shape has a sort of hook to it which scrapes against my anterior vaginal wall and hits my pubic bone in a very uncomfortable manner. This is why I was uncertain whether I’d enjoy the G-Spot, since it has a somewhat similar shape.

bsatelier_gspotellablue_04eTo my great delight, I experienced no discomfort when I first inserted this toy. Quite the opposite, actually. I had prepared for it by watching my favorite types of erotica and using a clitoral vibrator, then applying some water-based Sliquid Organics Gel lube to the dildo and my vulva (because supplementing my natural lubrication is never, ever a bad thing). After slowly sliding it in, I began smiling. I moved it gently back and forth a little, then said out loud to myself something like, “Oooh. Ohhhh… this one is sooo good.”

Extremely articulate, I know.

I continued thrusting with it, sometimes faster and sometimes slower, until the pleasure built so much that I couldn’t bear to wait any longer and grabbed a vibrator to use on my clit. Within seconds I had a powerful, lengthy orgasm, made even better by the tip of the G-Spot pressing into my…g-spot.

bsatelier_gspotellablue_07eI must note here that I am apparently more sensitive than average in the clitoris and g-spot departments, so I usually prefer some flexibility to my dildos. This toy won’t provide the same level of pressure as, say, the nJoy Pure Wand or Jopen Comet, simply because it’s made of a bendy material. But as bendy-material sex toys go, it does allow one to apply a good amount of pressure thanks to its density and shape.

Due to its modest size, I don’t need to use a smaller toy to warm up for the G-Spot Small, as I do for anything over 1.25″ in diameter. The tip, where the g-spot- or prostate-targeting protrusion is, measures just 3.75″ in circumference (about 1.2″ in diameter), and is thicker from top to bottom and slimmer from side to side. This ratio reverses on the main shaft, which is a little wider from side to side than from top to bottom. I appreciate this detail, as the shaft echoes the at-rest shape of the vaginal canal and, I suspect, adds to my comfort and enjoyment while using it.

But the real magic, I think, comes from the rounded “back edge” of the g-spot bump, the way it doesn’t hook back in toward the shaft or have a sharp angle. This not only strokes my g-spot, it also stimulates the nerves around my vaginal entrance and just behind the PC muscle oh-so-pleasurably. Of course, there’s also the dramatic curve in the shaft, which helps put pressure on the g-spot and makes solo thrusting a much more natural motion. The silicone is flexible, but not TOO flexible: when held up by the base so that the tip curves upward, it holds its curve admirably.

bsatelier_gspotellabluepackage_01eThat curved shaft, for those interested in more stats, measures approximately 5.5″ in insertable length, and it has about a 3.5″ circumference/1.1″ diameter just behind the tip which gradually thickens to 4.75″ circumference/1.5″ diameter just above the 2.5″-wide, half-inch-thick base.

Another great thing about BS dildos is the packaging. Each toy arrives in a minimalistic, resealable clear plastic pouch which is excellent for protective storage. It doesn’t take up much space, you can easily see what’s in it, and it will keep your beloved dildo or plug free of lint and dust. (Real silicone does not need to be protected from other real silicone items; that outdated belief originated with porous materials being called “silicone” by dishonest manufacturers.)

This dildo is one of my new favorites, and I am strongly considering buying the Medium for those times when I want something thicker. You can purchase this dildo directly from the lovely folks at BS Atelier. It can also be found at quality U.S. retailers such as SheVibe (they only have the Ella Blue G-Spot in the Medium size, but they do carry the G-Spot Small in three other colors).

My thanks to BS Atelier for sending me the G-Spot in exchange for my unfiltered and uncensored written thoughts.




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