A Completely New Thing

It feels sort of wrong to write about non-political topics with all of the horrific and traumatic things happening in this country. But I do think it’s still important. Possibly it’s even more important than usual, because firstly we all need periodic respite from the awfulness, and secondly because speaking and writing publicly about certain subjects can be a form of resistance.

Therefore, I’m going to share some very personal sex stuff right now.

Have you ever reached a point in your life when you thought you had pretty thoroughly explored and fully understood your own sexuality, and then, without warning, you learned something entirely new about your sexual responses?

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But first, a bit of history

00_Colander-o-dildos_20150610_01eI was the only girl in my household, raised with one older brother and two younger ones. I was a tomboyish, introverted, socially and athletically awkward middle child. My classmates teased me for my red hair, for getting the highest test scores in the class, for my thrift-store and hand-me-down clothing, for my name. I was probably an easy target. My stepdad and I did not exactly get along because I stubbornly wanted to understand the why of everything, rather than just obeying his orders as he very clearly would have preferred. I had such an affinity for animals that I rescued mice from my grandmother’s cats and saved drowning worms from puddles after it rained. Whenever I could, I would climb the tree in the backyard to sit on my favorite branch and read a book.

Books were my refuge from the difficulties in my life. They enabled me to live someone else’s life for a while, to vicariously visit fascinating places and meet kind people and have far more interesting problems than my real ones.  Because my family was (and still is) very religious, there were also things I might never have learned about, or at least not until much later, if not for my insatiable love of reading.

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I have a super-power

In which I discuss the scent of Fuze Ten

I recently bought the Rebel by Fuze from SheVibe, which is made of their softer silicone formulation, Fuze Ten. To my nose, it has a light smell. Not a terrible smell, but I’m used to scent-free silicone toys. So, I emailed Fuze to ask about the material and what could be causing the smell.

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