Who am I, and why am I writing about sex toys?

00_Colander-o-dildos_20150610_01eWell. I’ll start with a somewhat-abbreviated bio of sorts.

As a kid, I was the only girl in my family. I was tomboyish and nerdy. I was often mocked by my peers for my red hair, and for always getting the highest score on tests. I was sensitive, too — the type of kid who rescued drowning worms from puddles after it rained.

I frequently turned to books for refuge and for new experiences to enliven my world. My family was (and still is) very religious, so there were many things I might never have learned about but for my insatiable appetite for reading anything and everything that looked interesting. One day, when I was probably 13, I pulled a book down from a high shelf at my grandparents’ house, and opened it to a shocking photo of two naked people demonstrating a sex position. I quickly snapped the book shut, my heart pounding. After a moment, my curiosity got the better of me and I opened it again, flipped through it, read the captions. I snuck it home with me. Continue reading Who am I, and why am I writing about sex toys?


Stuff I collect

00_Dildo-Bath_20150610_01eThings I love enough to own far more than I will ever actually need – or that I own despite the fact that I don’t need them at all:

  • Dildos (duh)
  • Books (largely fiction; a favorite series is Kushiel’s Legacy, which combines adventure, intrigue, fantasy, and BDSM in a historical setting) Continue reading Stuff I collect

I have a super-power

In which I discuss the scent of Fuze Ten

I recently bought the Rebel by Fuze from SheVibe, which is made of their softer silicone formulation, Fuze Ten. To my nose, it has a light smell. Not a terrible smell, but I’m used to scent-free silicone toys. So, I emailed Fuze to ask about the material and what could be causing the smell.

The response I got came quickly and was very polite, but I’m ambivalent about it. Continue reading I have a super-power

FAQs? No…FUDs (and FUVs)

Frequently Used Dildos

I shall henceforth keep a list of the dildos I and/or my partner use regularly, and for what purpose we use them. Consider them our favorites. Continue reading FAQs? No…FUDs (and FUVs)