I have a super-power

In which I discuss the scent of Fuze Ten

I recently bought the Rebel by Fuze from SheVibe, which is made of their softer silicone formulation, Fuze Ten. To my nose, it has a light smell. Not a terrible smell, but I’m used to scent-free silicone toys. So, I emailed Fuze to ask about the material and what could be causing the smell.

The response I got came quickly and was very polite, but I’m ambivalent about it. Continue reading I have a super-power


FAQs? No…FUDs (and FUVs)

Frequently Used Dildos

I shall henceforth keep a list of the dildos I and/or my partner use regularly, and for what purpose we use them. Consider them our favorites. Continue reading FAQs? No…FUDs (and FUVs)

Rebel by Fuze

Fuze Rebel, fresh from a shower. Because lint.

Okay. So. WHY has no one thought of this before?

The teardrop-shaped Fuze base is not just harness-compatible. It is contoured and angled to fit the wearer’s vulva. It has rounded ridges for clitoral stimulation. These things are great. These things alone would have made me — and my partner — really enjoy this dildo.

But they didn’t stop there. They added a pocket for a bullet-vibe in THE BEST SPOT EVER. The vibe slides up into the underside of the dildo, just in front of and PARALLEL to the angled base. Continue reading Rebel by Fuze

Raquel by Vixen Creations

Vintage Reviews | This is a series of reviews I wrote in 2013, lightly edited for publication here.

vvr1seWhat an elegant dildo.

The Raquel is long and slender, but with a larger, curvier tip. It’s flexible, but can stand up for itself when needed. It can be used for handheld vaginal or anal penetration, but the large, sturdy base makes it an excellent candidate for harness use as well, and the average shaft diameter means it will fit most harnesses. What’s more, the base doubles as a strong suction cup — I tested it on the shower tile — for hands-free solo use. Continue reading Raquel by Vixen Creations

Magnum by Fun Factory

Vintage Reviews | This is a series of reviews I wrote in 2013, lightly edited for publication here.

ffmagnum_01eIs it a dildo, or a work of art? The Magnum is both, with its sleek, statuesque lines and velvety finish. It has a wonderfully semi-realistic shape which, in my opinion, is an improvement on the “real thing.” If your type is firm, long, and on the thicker side, this tall drink of water will leave you feeling very satisfied.

The Magnum can be used for strap-on or solo sex. The base is a unique three-leaf-clover shape with rounded edges, which will hold it firmly in your harness or give you a comfortable handle. It’s made of pure silicone, so it’s safe for your body and can be used anywhere your heart desires. Continue reading Magnum by Fun Factory