Who am I, and why am I writing about sex toys?

00_Colander-o-dildos_20150610_01eWell. I’ll start with a somewhat-abbreviated bio of sorts.

As a kid, I was the only girl in my family. I was tomboyish and nerdy. I was often mocked by my peers for my red hair, and for always getting the highest score on tests. I was sensitive, too — the type of kid who rescued drowning worms from puddles after it rained.

I frequently turned to books for refuge and for new experiences to enliven my world. My family was (and still is) very religious, so there were many things I might never have learned about but for my insatiable appetite for reading anything and everything that looked interesting. One day, when I was probably 13, I pulled a book down from a high shelf at my grandparents’ house, and opened it to a shocking photo of two naked people demonstrating a sex position. I quickly snapped the book shut, my heart pounding. After a moment, my curiosity got the better of me and I opened it again, flipped through it, read the captions. I snuck it home with me. Continue reading Who am I, and why am I writing about sex toys?

Toy Review: Key Aries by Jopen

CE_Jopen_Key Aries_02ecI had low expectations for the Aries based on its size, but also high hopes for it based on its shape.

The reality falls somewhere in the middle.

Yes, as a small vibrator, it’s decidedly buzzy — though not the MOST buzzy I’ve ever felt. A given vibrator’s position on the buzzy-to-rumbly scale seems to be determined mainly by the size of the spinning weight inside it, so it’s very unusual to find a bullet-sized vibe that ISN’T firmly on the buzzy end of the spectrum. Since most of the space inside the Aries is taken up by the single AAA battery, there isn’t much room left for the motor and spinning weight. Continue reading Toy Review: Key Aries by Jopen

Toy Review: “Spur” in VixSkin by Vixen Creations

VVSC_02eI must begin by saying that I am not a fan of realistic-looking dildos.

It isn’t just because I’m a gay woman. Nor is it because I considered myself heterosexual for the first 25-ish years of my life. It’s mainly because, to me, an object that closely resembles a dismembered body part is just…a bit odd. Especially when there are so many other shape and color options in which one can make dildos.

However, I am an enormous fan of VixSkin, a dual-density silicone made by Vixen Creations. Continue reading Toy Review: “Spur” in VixSkin by Vixen Creations

Stuff I collect

00_Dildo-Bath_20150610_01eThings I love enough to own far more than I will ever actually need – or that I own despite the fact that I don’t need them at all:

  • Dildos (duh)
  • Books (largely fiction; a favorite series is Kushiel’s Legacy, which combines adventure, intrigue, fantasy, and BDSM in a historical setting) Continue reading Stuff I collect

I have a super-power

In which I discuss the scent of Fuze Ten

I recently bought the Rebel by Fuze from SheVibe, which is made of their softer silicone formulation, Fuze Ten. To my nose, it has a light smell. Not a terrible smell, but I’m used to scent-free silicone toys. So, I emailed Fuze to ask about the material and what could be causing the smell.

The response I got came quickly and was very polite, but I’m ambivalent about it. Continue reading I have a super-power

FAQs? No…FUDs (and FUVs)

Frequently Used Dildos

I shall henceforth keep a list of the dildos I and/or my partner use regularly, and for what purpose we use them. Consider them our favorites. Continue reading FAQs? No…FUDs (and FUVs)

Toy Review: “Rebel” by Fuze

Fuze Rebel, fresh from a shower. Because lint.

Okay. So. WHY has no one thought of this before?

The teardrop-shaped Fuze base is not just harness-compatible. It is contoured and angled to fit the wearer’s vulva. It has rounded ridges for clitoral stimulation. These things are great. These things alone would have made me — and my partner — really enjoy this dildo.

But they didn’t stop there. They added a pocket for a bullet-vibe in THE BEST SPOT EVER. The vibe slides up into the underside of the dildo, just in front of and PARALLEL to the angled base. Continue reading Toy Review: “Rebel” by Fuze